Our various projects in Afghanistan serve as Proof of Concepts on the importance of Creating Shared Value (CSV) and the role of the private sector in building resiliency to communities. 

These programs will be shared with policy-makers to help shape preventing violent extremism (PVE) policies, as opposed to purely counter-terrorism (CT) strategies.

With many corporations recognizing that they are also stakeholders in stable communities, our partner companies have allowed us to co-create sustainable programs that demonstrate the role of the private sector in the PVE space.

Since 2001, the global engagement in Afghanistan has focused on developing technical stability through emergency response, reconstruction of infrastructure, etc. But lessons learned have taught us that we need to foster resilience at a pragmatic level to counteract the appeal of violent extremism and terrorism.

To protect the identity of the communities, individuals, and companies involved in the numerous programs, we do not publish details online. Please contact us if you wish to learn more.