Meet a few of our children at the Haven Center

A snapshot of one of our Iraq Initiatives:

The Haven Center

Education remains an underfunded and underserved component of the humanitarian response in Iraq. While the ultimate objective is to see students reenter the formal school system, this is not the case for a large percentage of students for a variety of reasons. 

In response to this, Linking the World has established non-formal educational programs run at the Haven Center that provide educational programs for children who are not in full-time formal schooling. 

The content of the programs includes: Language skills (Kurdish, English), Exploration (discovery method science, math, and social studies), Health and Fitness, Literacy, Character development, and Art. 

The goals are threefold: provide an educational setting to keep kids as close to grade level as possible, provide a safe and inviting setting for children to spend time and interact with others, and to provide the context for dealing with the trauma they have experienced and give strategies for coping and growing.