Hope Never Sleeps.

Vision for a Brighter Connected Future.

Building on Linking the World’s invaluable history and experience, 2015 is a year of transformation and sharpened focus for the organization.  1–in–8 still live in extreme poverty and hunger. We know new models for cross-sector collaboration and advanced response methodologies are of the highest priority.We must develop new strategies to optimize and transform the global operating model and footprint of humanitarian aid activities.

Around the world, in the most vulnerable places, we are agents for lasting change. It’s real. It’s permanent. It’s hope that cannot be stopped. Because it beats in the hearts of the people we serve. It never quits. It never sleeps.

As privileged members of the global community, we face the greatest challenges ever to do more than simply respond to disaster and crisis. It is imperative that we find solutions to address the rapidly growing inequities in health, education, food security, and gender equality.

We must redefine public and private sector partnership models to end extreme poverty and promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing local and global security and prosperity.

As we look to the road the ahead, we believe that innovation is our only hope to address the mounting crisis. We uphold our core values with renewed vigor and focus, committed to expand and deepen our global partnerships. These alliances will allow us develop and employ breakthrough innovations including emerging technology for the rapid response and deployment of humanitarian assistance.

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