Our advocacy strategy is composed of creating awareness and promoting common-sense policies, laws, and regulations across the legislative and executive branches of the US government. 

We create broad awareness of America’s unique role in the world. By first helping others recognize why a stable and strong America is vital for global security, we will be able to make the case for a proactive national security, defense policy, and foreign policy rather than the more traditional reactive approaches of the past. 

Our unique research efforts provide the accurate and tested knowledge necessary to then engage local, state, federal, and international stakeholders to promote our mission and to advocate for policies that will not only make our country safer, but will help lift up vulnerable communities abroad. 

While advocacy efforts include making our opinion known in regards to proposed policies, laws, and regulations, we also promote very specific policies.

Several policies we are currently focused on promoting are the following:


-    Winning the hearts and minds of those around the world most at risk to becoming victims of violent extremism. We believe funding to counter violent extremism must specifically target the root drivers of instability;

-    Advocating for wide-scale collaboration between diplomatic, political, and military arms of the US government in order to ensure partner governments uphold their commitments and continue to build trust by investing in marginalized and vulnerable communities;

-    Assisting the US government and lawmakers in updating mandates and priories that are currently in existence in regards to multilateral institutions and platforms that help to counter violent extremism. Our aim is to ensure lessons are being learned, innovation is prioritized, and the true reality of violent extremist situations is being reported rather than political rhetoric and individual agendas.

We must continue to work together, sharing information and acting as leading voices to elevate diplomacy and development alongside defense to build a stronger, better, and safer world for all.