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Mina Chang on Geospatial Intelligence in Proactive Development GEOINT 2018 Keynote Speaker Read the article here: The annual GEOINT Symposium is the nation's largest gathering of industry, academia, and government to include Defense, Intelligence and Homeland Security Communities as well as commercial, Fed/Civil, State and Local geospatial intelligence stakeholders.

The Future of War Conference 2017 Washington, D.C.

SHARON BURKE Senior Advisor and Director, Resource Security Program, New America
MINA CHANG CEO, Linking the World, International Security Fellow, New America
JAKE HARRIMAN Founder and CEO, Nuru International
REBECCA J. WOLFE Director of Peace and Conflict, Mercy Corps

The Future of War Conference 2017 commenced on March 21 in Washington, D.C. The event will featured leaders from government, military, journalism, academia, and the private sector exploring questions of international security and defense, bringing together interdisciplinary experts working to develop new paradigms for understanding and addressing the changing nature of armed conflict and systematic violence.
New America is dedicated to the renewal of American politics, prosperity, and purpose in the digital age through big ideas, technological innovation, next generation politics, and creative engagement with broad audiences.

Episode On 33voices®, Inc. with Moe Abdou

"One of the great mysteries of life for me has always been the question of ‘why bad things happen to great people?‘ Surely, I’m never one to question the work of God, still when I see the obstacles he puts in the path of someone like, Mina Chang, I become even more convinced that each such challenge is a window into a bigger opportunity.  When Mina was diagnosed with brain cancer earlier this year, it was a horrifying tragedy, but one that’s destined to magnify the impact she’s having — Linking The World.  

There are certain people who are just called to contribute, disproportionately to the wellbeing of society, and Mina certainly tops that list.  As CEO of the NGO, Linking the World, her work expands the globe to alleviate suffering, inspire hope and to break the cycle of poverty that’s impacting almost half the world’s population - or over three billion people.  Spend a few minutes with her, and you, too will be infected with her zest for life and her determination to not only win her own battles, but more importantly, to turn hope into measurable action.  Like all admired leaders, she anticipates that problems in the world will never cease, they will only change; and it’s how you respond to them that will determine your fate.  Here’s a glimpse of her approach to solving the world’s most pressing issues." Mou Abdou, Founder and Host of 33voices®

Cover for the Observer 'People of the Year' Issue  Photo Credit Can Turkyilmaz

Cover for the Observer 'People of the Year' Issue

Photo Credit Can Turkyilmaz

People of the Year 2014

In the third People Issue for the Observer Magazine, Linking the World CEO Mina Chang was named as one of the 'People of the Year.' Editor Joe Tone introduces the issue writing, "Their stories, as usual, are paired with intimate portraits, this year from acclaimed photographer Can Turkyilmaz. Featured in the issue are notable community leaders such as Police Chief David Brown, NHL athlete Jamie Benn, and Historian Bonnie Jacobs."


On Boko Haram

Natalie Solis and Mina Chang on Boko Haram

Mina Chang with Natalie Solis of Fox 4 News discussing the Boko Haram and her recent participation at the World Economic Forum

ABC award winning host Melanie Lawson and Mina Chang interview

ABC award winning host Melanie Lawson and Mina Chang interview

Mina Chang speaks at the Women’s Leadership Series

Linking the World CEO, Mina Chang, was invited as the keynote speaker for the Women's Leadership Series at the Brown Foundation Performing Arts Theatre. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon, was also in attendance. The Women’s Leadership Steering Committee is chaired by Dr Anne Chao and Paula W Hinton. The next installment in the series will feature Cherie Blair, the former First Lady of the United Kingdom.