Our development goals consist of applying research, data analytics, and high-tech technological tools to provide insight into real situations and efforts on the ground.

Our integrated process first consists of utilizing predictive analytics, resiliency measurements and evaluation tools to obtain and analyze data about the drivers of violent extremism. This data helps us identify vulnerable communities around the world and the root causes of instability and fragility in these communities. Then, we are able to then relay this information to our partner organizations that are on the ground. This information is critical to help prevent violent extremism, intervene in vulnerable communities where extremism is occurring or has occurred, and rehabilitating those who are victims of extremist acts.

Our process does not end after relaying valuable intelligence to partner organizations. We then continue to monitor, evaluate and utilize our data to help refine and strengthen collaborative efforts in real time. These efforts require sustained contributions and the formation of durable, trust-based partnerships among diverse governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, which our advocacy efforts help promote.

Most importantly, we are constantly looking for new, improved, and more technologically advanced ways to spot vulnerable communities so that we can intervene before it is too late. We can never stop innovating because violent extremists will always find new ways to bring terror into the hearts and minds of their communities. Therefore, our development efforts must always be growing and finding new and integrated ways to affect positive change, collaboration, and intervention.