Our research efforts blend together traditional approaches of a think tank with modern and future-leaning tools of a high-tech business intelligence firm. We do not just provide rhetoric and philosophical thought; in fact, we go light on the philosophy. We take real scenarios based on concrete data to address the root drivers of instability and to effectuate action.

The research efforts we employ consist of utilizing a resiliency index in combination with big data to identify vulnerable communities at risk for violent extremism. The index we have created monitors social, economic, political, and military indicators that also encompass demographic pressures, poverty, human rights, uneven economic development, state legitimacy, and the security apparatus. Our belief is that these factors cause nations to weaken all the way down to the community level, which subsequently increases their likelihood of conflict and security challenges. By also researching the history of various regions and what has not worked, has not countered, and has not built resilience against violent extremism in the past, we can create solutions with the greatest probability of success.

Our goal with research is simple: if we can identify those who are most at risk, we can share this expert knowledge and employ development and advocacy efforts to help win the hearts and minds of these communities before radical groups are formed. After obtaining our data and analyzing it, we go a step further than a traditional think tank by actively engaging and working with partners on the ground to effectuate long lasting change.